An Intro to Refugee-Tripping & Media Ethics

By Anthony Mills Back in September, a Hungarian camerawoman was filmed apparently deliberately kicking two young refugees before tripping a Syrian refugee father holding his child as he ran near the Hungarian border with Serbia. Petra Laszlo was subsequently fired from her job with N1TV, a Hungarian broadcaster with links to the far-right Jobbik party.... Continue Reading →

‘Refugees’ or ‘Migrants’? A Semantic Question with Possible Legal Consequences

By Krisztina Rozgonyi On 20 August 2015 Al Jazeera decided they would no longer use the word ‘migrant’ but instead, where appropriate, say ‘refugee’. The editorial decision was based on their recognition that the term ‘migrant’ was “no longer fit for purpose when it comes to describing the horror unfolding in the Mediterranean, as it has... Continue Reading →

Ethical Principles Abandoned

By Dr. Birgit Wolf Besides being a communication researcher focusing on gender and cultural studies, I have been volunteering at the EU borders since September, when I first went to the refugee hotspot in Röszke Hungary [see also the article “Hungary’s Anti-European Immigration Laws” by panelist Prof. Gábor Halmai] One attitude of the media during... Continue Reading →

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