Pakistan General Warns Afghanistan: ‘Our nuclear weapons are not decoration’*

  By Zuhal Asghari 20.05.2017 - Kabul A Pakistan general appeared on Saturday in an interview to threaten Afghanistan with a nuclear response, should it launch a threatened military operation over accusations that Pakistan is funding the Taliban in Afghanistan. “Our nuclear warheads are not decoration,” he warned. The governor of the northern Afghanistan region... Continue Reading →

Far right wins French national election, in EU political earthquake*

By Seyedmojtaba Hashemighalati 20.05.2017 - Paris Marine le Pen won the second round of the French presidential election on Saturday, in a shock result that sent political tremors across Europe. The far-right leader of the National Front party took an emphatic 59% of the votes, significantly ahead of 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron, whose independent En Marche... Continue Reading →

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