Far right wins French national election, in EU political earthquake*

By Seyedmojtaba Hashemighalati

20.05.2017 – Paris

Marine le Pen won the second round of the French presidential election on Saturday, in a shock result that sent political tremors across Europe.

The far-right leader of the National Front party took an emphatic 59% of the votes, significantly ahead of 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron, whose independent En Marche party was only set up a year ago.


Jean-Luc Richard, Front National campaign manager, said in an interview: “Marine Le Pen cares for France first.” He added: “The French people understood … our plan to stop refugees from coming to our country. We have a lot of immigrants making trouble.”

He said that one of the first items on the agenda of Le Pen would be a trip to the US to discuss Mideast migration with US President Donald Trump.

“We will make France clean from terrorism, France for the French,” he stated.

In the 12th Arrondissement of Paris,” which overwhelmingly voted for Macron, despair was written on the faces of his supporters.

“After living all these years in Paris, now that this woman has won, I am going to have to pack my bags, take my family, and move to Brussels,” said Sophie Geroux, a 27-year-old accountant.

*This fictitious article was created as part of a journalism workshop conducted under the Jean Monnet OLIVE teaching programme, for refugees, at the University of Vienna; It is not intended to represent actual facts. Some names that appear in the article are invented; so is the dateline.


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