Journalism: Know your ethics!

By Natascha Fenz & Julia Kasser *This blog post is part of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Media Governance and Integration Series curated by Wagner Piassaroli Mantovaneli.  Recently Claudia Neumann faced online hate speech for her work as one of the sports journalists sent by the German public broadcaster ZDF to the 2018 FIFA... Continue Reading →

Children and their Everlasting Battle with Privacy Issues on Social Media

By Magdalena Deskovic, BA & Anna T. Maxwald, Bakk.phil, BA, University of Vienna Social media often contains highly private information, thus lawmakers were prompted to protect people, and in particular minors. Consequently, platforms were forced to define rules in terms of how they should be used. This May, the minimum age for social media users... Continue Reading →

A New School Subject: Media Education

By Angeliki Chatziefraimidou, Department of Media and Communication Studies, University of Vienna, Vienna In this age of new media, children are exposed to social media and the internet at an early age. What can education do when mass media exerts such a great influence on children? One notable proposal that has been made is the... Continue Reading →

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